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And that's a (Christmas) wrap

Well... bar a few deliveries that can’t be done due to hospitalisation and other circumstances, our work is done for another year....

The 20th year of Fatboys Charity saw us help 125 children throughout the UK.

There were so many more we wanted to help but unfortunately we just didn’t have the funds in our small budget.

Thank you to all those who fundraised, performed and attended at our Fatfest Music Event, those who delivered gifts, our supporters and my small group of colleagues on the committee.... we give up a lot of our time free of charge to do what we do..... no bureaucracy, no salaries , no overheads... we just do it....

Merry Xmas from all of us at Fatboys..... and few weeks off before we start all over again..... here’s to Fatfest 2 !!🙂

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