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Help Us Make Our 20th Year the Best Ever


It’s our 20th year and 'Fatfest' week begins.

Over the years we have brought a smile to the faces of thousands of children throughout the UK who are battling with cancer and leukaemia.

We do this by purchasing Christmas gifts for them. This is especially important when you understand the financial impact dealing with such a situation can have on an entire family. Parents often have to give up work to be able to take their children to hospital (often daily) for treatment.

We want to make our 20th anniversary the biggest ever fundraising year by reaching out to our followers and beyond to donate to us and make this Christmas the best ever by helping as many children as possible.

We want to raise a record total and this is the week of ‘Fatfest’ culminating in our live music event in Swindon where some of the finest UK rock bands will be performing over Friday and Saturday.

This is a shout out to all those who have supported us over the years and beyond to donate to us and to help make this the best year ever.

Come to Fatfest, or if you can’t make it, then please donate , no matter how little, to our cause. We are totally reliant on donations and fundraising.

We are administered by unpaid volunteers and our overheads are minimal to ensure 100% of all monies raised goes towards helping children

No salaries, no bureaucracy, no overheads….we just do it.

Please donate….every penny is greatly appreciated.

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